Who am I?

Hello guests of my little creative world!

I'm glad that you've stopped by! If you look through my blog, you'll notice that I had posted in Russian before. Now,after having realized that the major of my readers follow me only in Instagram I made a decision of translating this page to English to improve my knowledge of language, writing skills,to approach my goal closer! One of my biggest goal since my childhood is living and studying abroad!
 Hoping, you will support me and approve of my choice! Come on! Let me introduce myself!)

My name is Aigerim. Some people hear this name for the first time and want to know its meaning. My eldest sister named me so. It translates from Kazakh like "moon-faced beauty". I find it very beautiful and unusual! It had inspired me to name this blog "Miss Selena",for Selena is Greek Goddess of Moon. 
I'm 15 years old but in almost month,i.e. on 3 April, I'll be older over a year. In fact, people’s opinions who once met me or knew owing to internet might be quite different. While one say that I look and behave like a little princess girl with polite manners and full of shyness, others consider me as very wise with life experience and adult’s view to life. To my mind, it is too early to judge my character. I notice that with every moment of life I do change. Looking back, I can see quite different girl comparing to nowadays my personality. 
Let me tell something about my family! I can boast that it is very big. I have careful parents, two elder sisters who are inspiring images for me and strong cheerful brother who is 2 years younger than me (but this age difference means almost nothing, I don’t feel it at all).

Here you can see one more our family member :) It's Matilda. She is only 6 month. On the photo she looks quite scared and pinched but in reality this cute puppy is very naughty,funny and a little fool :) 

When I'm asked the questions about my interests, hobbies,achievements, I'm a little bit confused and afraid of telling and then answer very short and abstemiously and usually don't tell all things which should be uttered. Perhaps the main reason of this fear is misunderstanding of other people. By the way, I'm always under impression because of influence og others' opinion. This is the problem which I'd rather get rid of. However, to write about me is much easier than to tell, so you may know me closer :)
I suppose, you've already been introduced with one of my passion occupation - scrapbooking, haven't you?  Since childhood till today I continue loving doing,creating some things with my hands! And this hobby started acquiring serious character approximately 3 or 4 years ago. I don't really count because time spent on crafting flies very fast and you can't notice how your skills and feelings become stronger and just enjoy! Now I can be proud of my achievements in this sort of  demonstration my abilities. I compose in three designers' teams: Freetany FlowersShabby ChicScrap Moscow Club! And I hope, it's only the beginning and the most exciting and fascinating is waiting for me! 
What else I do? I  attend classes dedicated oratory. You can find it a little bit strange because as I had written before I'm modesty. In spite of it, taking this course pleases me very much! There is a good,friendly and comfortable atmosphere in a educational  centre which is called "You can". And I get on like a house on fire with a teacher! We really have much in common! I feel her support and kindness, she has profound knowledge and her job comes with passion together,that why her lessons are very interesting, full of actvity and use! 
Let's touch the topic of psychology. Cause for the last time it really involves me! The major part of read books,articles,stories are about the society's behavior,their mind,brain and actions. I always ask questions which start with the word "Why...?". It shows my inquiring and aim to know everything:) It is difficult sometimes to get along with my mind,honestly. I'm always dessecting,searching and learning...All my mind is full of thoghts,ideas and even troubles. It disturbs me from sleeping and relaxing. I want to sucessed in almost every possible direction!
I'm very sensitive and take anything to heart too close! I catch and try to get through every word or action, event or meeting! So it's easy to make me the happpiest person in the world as well as to touch my sting and break. 
And receiving positive and pleasant words to my side I can't express  my real senses! I fly among the clouds when you make complements and just support! I like when there is a feedback and result of my work! I need it to have a desire of moving on! Thank you! I really love all things that I do and I try to sucessed in doing more! 
I wish you to find something that will please you and inspire as well! To find harmony with your own and the world outside! Just be happy and thankful to life! Get a life! 

Thank you for visiting and attention! ♡

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  1. Hiya! Nice to meet you, I am Katya originally from Yakutia but living in Ireland for the last 17 years. Same as you, ever since I was like 6 I wanted to live abroad =))

    What do you hope to study? Your English is brilliant by the way!

  2. Hello!)) I’m glad to meet you,too! I didn’t really think that somebody would be interested in reading and introducing with me in English version, and especially I didn’t expect you to write a comment) Bless you for that greatly! Now I’m even more motivated to get a move on leading blog as I know that I have some support :) Regarding the study, I wish to demonstrate myself in such ways like tourism, management or psychology. Besides this three things, I don’t want to give up with scrapbooking! I adore it)

    1. I actually went the other way around with my blog, I started by blogging in English and Russian, then realised that most of my followers dont speak English and switched to Russian only.

      I work in recruitment and obviously I dont know about all EU countries, but in Ireland psychology is not a great area to get into. Its not very popular and all of my friends who have studies it had to go back to college at some stage and study something else. Tourism however is a great area to get into, because you can work anywhere plus you have the advantage of speaking two widely used languages

    2. Yea, I see you) And you practise your English everyday,for you live in such country where English is like native language, isn't it? But I need some practise,at least in writing)) Talking of psychology, it's really my passion, and even if it isn't connected with my future job, I will be eager to learn it just for me and maybe to help other people who will need in my help))

    3. Yea, I moved to Ireland when I was 13 and did the whole secondary school etc. Well in Ireland officially there are 2 languages- Irish and English, but literally no one speaks Irish, not even Irish people. Only in some rural areas people do speak Irish, but thats it, everyone else speaks English.

      I can leave comments in English in your blog, maybe that might help a bit =))

    4. Oh, these early changes of living place might have been hard? When you moved to another country, did it seem to you difficult to communicate or you had already known English very well? Thank you for your comments and support! It’s very kind of your side! Yes, to receive any comments makes me happy and answering them in English both improves my knowledge and develops my confidence! Thank you very much!

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