Charming ballet. Lacy layout

Hello my dear friends!

Today I have prepared for your inspiration a little layout full of lace and tenderness.This work has been done for the thematic task "Lacy stories" which is launched by blog Scrap Moscow Club.  

 Obviously, as you can judge all my works, lace is my passion! I can't help using it! I constantly while shopping around gaze at it and try to get by buying it but often my love to this material is much stronger than my strenght of will))  Besides lace, I adore butterflies and some little details like glitter, microbeans,etc that make any work brighter, more interesting and more charming,don't they? 

To my opinion, tenderness as well as  grace is associated with ballet. That's why I have choosen a figure of ballerina  for the central element. Her dance, outfit, movements, hands' position seem to me very beautiful, harmonic and graceful! I wich I could watch them in reality, in the theatre, not through the TV screen.      This layout can be hooked on the wall if you want, for I provided for special ribbons for this case) I think that it will be fitted in girl's room perfectly! Thank you for coming!) Good luck! And I hope that my turning up with this work has inspired you to create beautiful things or at least has given you a belief in love in this world cause I always try to spread love and make people happy!See you soon :)

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2 коммент.:

  1. Wow its beautiful! Same here I love lace, but I end up not wanting to part with it so I dont use it that much

  2. Thank you very much! So what do you use much more often than other scrapbooking supplies?)))