Shabby house for little princess

Hello scrapbooking lovers!

I’m so excited to present you my little and in the same time ENORMOUS project! It is little because of its size. No, I don’t mean that it is insanely tiny that you can hold it in your palm. Just when we hear “house” we imagine some big building, to my mind. And this house is regarded enormous, for I had contributed to create it a lot of soul and love, mights and efforts, spending much time. Certainly, now I’m gazing at this work with such proud feeling! It inspires me a lot! Let’s examine shabby house together! I promise you’ll discover many tiny details) 

If I were suggested to live there, I would agree doubtlessly:) It’s so cozy,fashionable and cute) While creating this room I felt I’m an architecter, builder and designer.

The roof is decorated with flowers Freetany Flowers and other  typical for my style embelishments like feathers, lace... 

Before I'll ask you in I'd rather take you round to the backside)) 

There are some flowers on the window-sill. They smell that even butterfly and bird fly around them :)

At last come in!) 

In the corner stand a chest of drawers with frame for photo, vase with flowers and even sewing devices....

Every princess should have her own dress, really? So it is hanged on the hanger.


Some toys for playing... 

Cosy bed for sweet sleeping and dreaming. There are also curtains above it)

  A mirrow for preening princess's feathers) 

And knitted slippers which she always forgets to put on and leaves them wherever at home)
Thank you for visiting! I was glad to introduce you with a new house! What do you reckon about it?) By the way, I've made a video-review of it, and if you want, you'll be able to watch it in my instagram :) To my mind, it will make things much clearer and show details better than these photographs. So welcome! I am waiting for you)))

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