Mini wooden journal

Hello my friends!

Today I'd rather show you a new journal I've made as a desighner of Scrap Moscow Club blog for the task "Wooden facture"
It has a leather cover with imitation of wood. It is so pleasant to hold in hands! And I fell in love with this material! I got pleasure working with it
I wouldn't be myself if I didn't use lace, a lot of lace! I am admirer of  it and nobody will doubt it)
Also I can't get out of using paper cutting downs. My favorites are any kinds of beautiful leaves,flowers,branches,azhur frames and serviettes. 

I added some gold glitter on the leaves. I reckon, this little detail play some role in work. Even though there exist some amount of people whose intention to such tiny detailes is casual, I approve of them a lot! 
To avoid an opened notebook in bag it (journal) has got a shabby pink ribbon. 

I couldn't leave the back side just naked without any embelishments )) So there are some cotton lace flowers and a frame cutting down.

For comfortable using I had foreseen a bookmark with a diamond :)

This notebook is full of tenderness and its future hostess might be a carefull lady, to my mind :) What's your opinion about it? 

Wish you harmony and love in your life!Be happy and joyful!

Thank you for visiting my page! I'll be very glad if you write me some comments or follow my Instagram ♡

Good luck!

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