Scrapbooking Layout "Pion garden"

Hi great creators!

Today I've come to you with a view to show my new work. It's a canvas made for Craftpaper's blog as an inspiration :) And else I've prepared for you a little tutorial which shows how the background was made using stencils,masks,powder and all that kind of. I hope it will be useful and understandable for newcomers in scrapbooking! 

But before the tutorial, let me show some details of the layout from different sights)

This phrase "je t'aime" wasn't selected by random way. It is like a messsage to my friend whom I will send this decorated canvas. We haven't ever met each other in real life. But I know her to be a wonderful,kind,talented person! 

As I said in the beginning of my post, creating this layout I followed a moodboard of Craftpaper's blog. I've pinned it already below)
I ask you over to our blog and join a task for May! In my point of you, it's one of the most inspiring and beautiful board I've ever been faced to.

Now, let's begin creating a background) It is my first expperience,so,please, don't judge me very sctrictly)

In fact, you don't need many special materails and devices. So use those things you have under your hand as I did. I didn't have texture paste of proper colour. To solve this problem I mixed the paste and pink acrylic paint.

For spreading paste on the surface use a pallette knife. 

These devices (powder, ink pads and stams) are for making your works more interesting. I fell in love with an embossing enamel Stampendous! It sparkles and looks very beautiful!

As a resault, I've got a foundation for the future work)

Thank you for having paid a call! I hope you find this information useful) Wish you luck and suceess in all your ocuupation fields!

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