Provence Magic Box

Hello admirers of crafts!

Today I come to you with a magic box created in provance style! I fell in love with this boxes! Recently I've seen so many examples of them from different masters that I caught an inspiration! I was eager to make a unique, not simple and ordinary box)
What assotiates with a word "provance"? What occurs in your minds? When I'm asked this question I imagine a village with lavander lawns, a little house and riding bisycles which have a basket ahead littered with lavander (important point :D)
I tried toportray all this while I was making this box. 

Let me show at first some details of a cover before opening the very box) Because inside box hides the most interesting! 

Open it...And surpriiiiise!:) A little house that I've already told about

And the bicycle with a basket of lavanders))

Just a cloud flying up from a chimney...Why not?)When I create some miniatures I remember some things that come from real life,details which we notice almost every day) 

To be not only as a decorative box but a practise thing as well, you can keep your photos in opening construstructions) I think that if you had photos from a trip to France, it would be cool to capture them this way! 

By the way, I've made this box following the month task from Shabby Chic Blog. If you are fond of provance, our blog sill be waiting for your great works!

Thank you for attention! Wish you as usually love and inspiration!♡ 

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