Returning :) New design teams and works ♡

Hello everyone!

How much time has past since I didn’t write here! But at last I’ve managed to turn up in blog. I’m glad with it! Because so many events had happened and so many new works are piling which I didn’t share with you, readers of my blog (I sincerely believe that you exist and remain with me, cause I for second time claim to write here more often and permanently)
I’me really excited to tell you all recent news!

I can’t help sharing my achievements! Hope, you’re also happy with me)

Presently I’ll probably leave two design teams, to my regret. They are Freetany Flowers and Scrap Moscow Club. I’m very thankful to them for not only experience but feelings as well. Especially to Freetany Flowers as Tanya,the founder, was first who selected me as a designer! 

But within it new opportunities are opening in front of me! For the next period I’m going to create in CraftPaper’s blog and Lazer39 one! So inspiring! I’m already ready to not ordinary challenges!

In addition to my post of boasting, I’ll show you my previous works I’ve done but didn’t publish here :) 

Thank you very much for attention! I love you! Don’t prohibit yourself to dream! Let yourselves be a dreamer! I wish you to attain your goals! Believe in your force!

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