Layout for my sister

Hello guests of my blog!Today I want to present you a new layout which I've made for my sister as a gift by her birthday.Since I became much more experienced I prefer to give layouts with photographs as presents to our family members) Personally, I think that it is the best present for close people! Why? Because things that we make by own ,puttting up our feelings, efforts, have some particular charm! I don't really know how to describe my feelings when I'm creating something for precious to me people! 

It is my first experience of working in mixed media. Earlier I thought that it is not for me, I was afraid of doing something wrong, my thoughts were “what will happen if paints stray not in write direct” and all that. But it was only a fear to start a new way of style,in fact! Mixed media is like a game with paints, toppings and other art-ingredients that have special names, but I didn’t learn them deeply) 

I tried my best to create such layout for my sister! I wanted to get her to be pleased! I look forward to hand in to her my prepared present. I hope I’ll catch her knocked down. She has already seen it in the photo and appreciated. But I wish to see her reaction when she will see it in reality, holding it in hands, examining every detail. I love watching people who hold my works. All of them are surprised by the abundance of little details and then realize how laborious this work. And their smiles and eyes inspire me a lot! I’m glad to wake up positive feelings in people!I followed this Board of Inspiration to create the layout. It was taken from the Scrap Moscow club blog

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