Sweet shadowbox. Kitchen’s miniature

Hello sweet addicts!

With a view to inspire you again I have prepared a new miniature! Yeees,you probably have already guessed that it is my everlasting love! On this occasion it is neither bedroom nor room for manual works. It is a kitchen! And of course it is done in shabby, tender style and colours as usually)This shadowbox was done for participating ang inspiration in the 3rd term of project "SWEET HOME" in Shabby Chic blog.   Using stencils and texture paste I've imprinted on the wall of shadow some patterns. And let's have a look on sweets and all cute miniature details) It is the most atrracting part of the work, isn't it?)          
To be honest, I have to hurry and end up with writing. I haven't got much time to describe all the details. If you have some questions like "what materials were used" and all that, write below in comments! I would be very glad to answer them))♡

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2 коммент.:

  1. Omg this is just the sweetest little kitchen! I love it!

    Did you make the croissants and little cups as well?

  2. Thaaank you! I’m under the impression,too) Cute little things make me feel a little girl playing with the dolls and all that kind of) In spite of that soon I will be 16 years old :D That means a grown-up who hasn’t enjoyed his childhood enough)) The idea about croissants was crossing over my mind but,to my regret, I didn’t make them. And little cups are on the shelf and on the table, can you see them?